Vlog Booth

Vlog Booth

Cheese Effects introduced the first Vlog Booth in 2017, it’s designed to provide a platform for guests to record their experience during the event.

Guests can express themselves in a short video in support of the event or share a message for the participant. Live Recording is an automatic process that takes about 5 – 10s before generating the finalized branded video for your sharing.

Vlog videos can incorporate intro, outro, music, logos, or green-screen to enhance the user experience. Generated videos with full branding and etc are instant and ready for download est 10s. Photo prints can also be incorporated into the system as souvenirs for incoming guests. In this case, guests will do 2 separate takes (vlog video + photo booth) at the same booth kiosk machine.

Marathon Supportive Message

Customization & Instant Sharing

In the past, video editing will require on-site video professionals with sitting tables and chairs to process videos individually. However, this time-consuming is no longer required as of now. Using our booth system the entire process is completely automatic, you will not see any personnel editing on-site.


Videos recorded are automatically branded with your logos or wordings. Guests may also expect the videos to be ready for playback and email sharing capability immediately after the video taking. Our customization service allows music input and fades in and out effects.

Green Screen Effect

Great environment setting with green screen Backdrop (booth still-photo & video green screen background). In Cheese Effects, we provide a unique service that allows you to input green-screen in your video. This is a big deal as due to the limitation of photo booth service software, many video booth providers are unable to provide the green-screen capability. Furthermore in Cheese Effects, multiple green-screen images/ videos can also be included for guests’ selections!


In this digitized generation, guests are most comfortable sharing their special moments. Vlog video records the excitement and thoughts the guests may anticipate at your event. Usually, at the event, the emphasis is always placed on capturing good memories via photography of the guests and program. A review at subsequent years later, most of the events resemble the same outlook. Vlog video recording sure adds in personal touch which can last a long time.

National Day Well Wishes
Marathon Green-Screen
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