Taking your wedding online

Under the new COVID-19 (Temporary Measures for Solemnisation and Registration of Marriages) legislation, marriage solemnization during the COVID-19 pandemic can now be conducted virtually through a live video link. Since the solemnization ceremony will take place virtually via a video link, the couple, their witnesses, licensed solemnizer, kadi, or naib kadi do not need to be physically present in the same venue, which is in line with social distancing measures. They will, however, all need to be physically present in Singapore for the virtual solemnization to happen.

This new legislation is being implemented to support couples who may be facing extenuating circumstances. Not all couples may take well to the alternative of postponement, which is why the authorities have decided to make virtual solemnizations allowed and recognized.

Preparing for the virtual solemnization

You might be wondering: How does a virtual solemnization work? Under the new bill, it can take place through a video link.

Since the implementation of this, many couples have decided to share the video links with many family, relatives, and friends. Guests are able to celebrate with the couple comfortably without the gathering limit and observe social distancing rules. Despite the simplicity of logging in with your best top at home to attend a wedding. Virtual solemnization is rather popular and trendy.

Many wedding couples have taken this opportunity to arrange a virtual photo booth to provide entertainment. A virtual photo booth is shared in a link format and can be customized with beautiful templates and an interface. Photos taken by your guests are downloadable and immediately uploaded onto the live gallery for a preview. Guests are definitely spoilt for choice with unlimited photo capture, boomerang GIFs, and AI background removal that can remove their house background. Image all the funny face photographs and overseas guests’ boomerang GIFs, everyone will feel less stressed during this pandemic.

Dream do come true

COVID-19 has altered the way we get married and celebrate this important milestone of our lives. But don’t let it stop you from tying the knot. As we slowly move into a post-Circuit Breaker reopening phase by phase, gradual ease of social distancing measures, when possible, will allow more flexibility in the way we can celebrate weddings. So, don’t feel discouraged, and use this extra time to plan for the wedding of your dreams in the near future.