How to Throw a Surprise Graduation Party

Before making a single decision about a party, there’s one thing you must consider. How would your schoolmate like to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event of your accomplishments? Do they want to have an onstage performance or would they prefer a close-up photo-capturing entertainment such as a photo booth? Bring your committee members into the conversation and ask them if they have any budget constraints for this graduation party.

If the school budget is not the deciding factor. There are many ways to throw your dream graduation party without the hassle of doing it yourself. You can engage a professional photo booth company to surprise your schoolmates.  Here are several fun photo-capturing activities you can hire, such as an instant print photo booth, virtual photo booth, and roving photo print.

Instant Print Photo Booth

The graduation party could be the last time an all-together gathering will ever take place. Photo booth entertainment is a must to capture memories of the people with that you shared your best time in high school. Having instant printing of the photos taken, friends and teachers can collect these as parting gifts and souvenirs and be proud of the friendship formed.

Most photo booths should have a digital photo-sharing function as well. The hi-res digital copy can be emailed or WhatsApp shared directly to guests’ mobile devices. Families and friends will be able to have a slice of this party moment from social apps such as TikTok, Facebook posts, and Instagram stories uploading.

Photos prints will also have specially designed graduation-themed photo frame templates. Vendors will also provide graduation-themed props with words that include academic achievement. In some cases, the party may include unique photo booth add-ons like a boomerang video and a greenscreen backdrop. A green screen photo booth enables guests to choose different designs for the background. These backgrounds can be different images of schools that are full of memories and personal to the guests.

Virtual Photo Booth (instant print)

In some cases, the graduation party is celebrated internationally among many different nations. Or when the event has extremely large attendees for the photo booth to be conducted alone. A virtual photo booth virtual platform is a top choice for entertainment activity with lots of free features that have exclusive advantages over an instant photo booth.

First and foremost virtual photo booth has a lower cost factor as it is operated on a customized virtual platform (QR scan). It also offers an extended period of time (24hrs) for guests to use anywhere, anytime which is helpful to guests from different time zone. In terms of add-on features, Boomerang and Animated GIF features are both given complimentary as parts of the complete virtual packages. You can also beauty photos using filters, input custom graduation stickers, and photo templates.

For the hybrid events, a live instant printing solution is always available if the organizer would like all digitals to be printed out from the virtual platform.