The Importance of Pictures In Our Lives

We know that we would usually take pictures of people, sceneries, objects and event around us habitually. Long before the invention of camera phones and smart phones which became the majority trend that has made snapping pictures easier than ever, we would still have some of those times where we walk into a photo shop and ask to be photographed. We just feel the need to capture these moments in life. Things has been made easy for us nowadays. The pictures do not necessarily need to be washed and printed out and to put into albums manually if we wish to keep a copy of memories, because it is now digitalized and can be stored in hard drives, the cloud, or made into sites or online albums. Everything is cheaper and slowly becoming more and more affordable. But have we thought of why is there a need to capture a piece of our lives?

Photographs allow us to share and communicate with others on what matters to us most. We do not always take photos of everything, but we take photos of the people and the things that resonate with our emotions at that moment, which we feel that could reflect our thoughts and feelings when others see what we see and could experience partially what has touched us during that moment. Photographs also reminds us of what was important to us. We are taking snippets of our stories today that would be precious records of our history tomorrow. It triggers memories that are long gone faded and brings them back to life. It is one of the best ways of preserving our history, our life, and our journey.

That is why photo booths in Singapore, are becoming more and more popular nowadays. People need not to add any captions to record the name of events and what was going around that day. You just bring your friends along and capture the times that you guys were together and were having fun. Wedding photo booths in Singapore are also catching up on the trends, where guests of your wedding can make collective contributions towards your big day in life, through their livelihood captured within the few precious seconds which can, and will be eternal memories of life.