A whole new world

In light of the continuing COVID-19 situation. Most of us are staying at home under WFH (work from home) scheme to promote social distancing and better assist the government in contact tracing.

The importance of digital transformation that we have been talking about for many years has taken root now. Accessing company network & attending meeting conferences via Zoom Video Communications is now the norm. This transformation came so quickly that we missed the fun of working together physically – planned celebrations, office lunches, festival parties, gift exchanges, the farewell party, and the in-office photo booth.

While attending major events, conferences, or celebrations events physically is great. But how can we retain the fun that makes working used to be memorable? How about using a photo booth remotely?

Taking photo booths virtual

Although we won’t be able to set up our photo booth physically. You won’t get the adrenaline of rushing to the ballroom holding area for an instant photo booth shot.  There is still great advantage such as comfortable having a virtual photo booth.

For virtual events, we believe the purpose and the emotional connection to the event are important. So we have opened up to many features to enhance virtual photo booth capabilities such as AI backdrop removal,  unlimited photo-taking without a queue, trendy GIFs boomerang, and a live gallery so you can sneak a peek at your colleagues and friends’ photos.

Because the virtual photo booth is online-based, you can use it anytime anywhere. Your event virtual host Gurmit Singh can even pop by the virtual photo booth to take a surprise boomerang GIF. This could be the best wish granted for any successful virtual event.

The next big thing

A virtual photo booth is a great idea to get people excited about an event! The award ceremony, company dinner and dance, international conference, birthday, solemnization, and wedding. Everyone usually recommends this virtual photo booth to people and shares loudly and frequently.

Engage your colleagues from overseas, China, Asia, the UK, USA & Europe, etc to participate in this fun engaging activity. Use social media, newsletter/email blasts, or through easily accessible links. Embedded the photo booth on your website, include a QR code in your event product encourage them to scan it and access the virtual photo booth. Have an influencer kickstart the photo booth process by taking a picture and sharing it with the attendees! The concept is so forward-looking, the virtual photo booth will continue to be the favorite even after the covid-19 norm.

Write to us now to try our virtual photo booth. A virtual photo booth is it’s just a matter of leading the way and drumming up excitement.

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