Stage Photography

Stage Photography

Behind the Scene of Stage Roving Service

Award ceremony are accompanied with professional photographers to capture the highlight of your guests achieving success in their field of work. At Cheese Effects, we further improve this service by printing on-spot for your guest to keep. Photos taken are sent wireless-ly to our printing kiosk, photos can printed out at our printing kiosk. Your guests will be amused by the speed and quality of our service and technology.

How Stage & Award Ceremony photography works?

1. Photographer will station at stage front to capture photos for receipient.
2. Digital photos will be transferred wireless-ly (speed subject to environment and walls) to our printing kiosk station (touchscreen monitor) with your branding.
3. Guests can collect the printed photos at allocated printing station after the ceremony has ended.

Choose Cheese Effects as your Stage Photography Provider in Singapore

Looking for a photographer for your stage? Cheese Effects are ready to provide these! At Cheese Effects, we tailor our services to your needs. Whether an award ceremony or prize presentation, we are committed to providing an excellent experience for your guests.
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