Shifting Events to Virtual World

Adapting to the big shift to online events

Move it or lose it

Although the coronavirus has impelled many companies to transition their annual conferences to online-only virtual events, much of the entertainment value remains, along with captivating keynote speakers, spot-on executive presentations, and hands-on learning sessions. Notably, today’s virtual conferences can draw thousands of people together, bypassing a virtual integration with your event will put off multiple opportunities.

Understandably the physical sense of being in an audience with others to share a range of experiences is lost, the virtual alternative can still pack an emotional wallop. It’s not the big show we typically put on, but we’ve designed it to provide attendees with the same useful, memorable, and shared virtual experiences.

Moving my event to a virtual platform

Where do we start?

There are three main steps when moving the event online, designing the online program, creating interaction in a virtual environment, and the technical setup. Establish an event website is the first step for the production of live streaming and share your content digitally. This allows speakers to do interactive presentations and prepare poll questions to overcome the lack of in-person connection. The organiser then manages the virtual space between the attendees and the event website.

How do I keep my attendees engaged?

Interactive virtual experience

Getting the right tools are key to host a vibrant online event. For example, a dynamic interactive platform for hosting is a requisite. The participants should be able to interact; otherwise, the event will become one-sided and lifeless. The facility of real-time interactions, the ability to view all the participants, etc. during the event is an excellent way to enliven the communication aspect. You can also add a virtual photo booth to live streaming fun moments on our live photo gallery, etch so that the participation of your recipients becomes more spontaneous. You will surely get success in your mission.

Promote engagement by fun-filled activities. You can always introduce a session of virtual photography in the course of your virtual event planning. It is a fun way to feel like together, while participants are not meeting each other face to face. Select a virtual photo service provider who is competent and skilled enough to add some creative vibes to the virtual event you have organized. Nowadays, a virtual photo booth has many features such as boomerang GIFs, stickers, filter effects, AI background removal, photo mosaic, and even photo printing delivery. It is a beautiful and professional way to create some fun souvenirs during the event session, where all participants can stay at home.

These are some of the clues for managing virtual event engagement successfully. However, you can work on the interactive features more depending on the agenda of your event.