Special Effects are the core of every successful production in storytelling.

We are delighted to share our success in specializing in this powerful technology. Our system will automate and customize the booth according to your requirement removing all limitations of the slow manual on-site editing.

Our SFX (special effects) booth will automatically edit the video and generate the effects in 10s for social sharing. Guests will experience full customization and realistic storytelling.

Imagine having your guest appear in your product TV advertisement or movie trailer, involving them to gain better audience interest in the product at a greater level.

SFX Potential

Here are some SFX potentials in the followings,

  1. TV Advertising (starring you)
  2. Movie Trailer (starring you)
  3. Mock Hosting (you host a TV show)
  4. Parachuting/ Wave Surfing etc

SFX Features

SFX Video is capable of customization tools below but not limited to,

  1. Audio Recording
  2. Background Music Input
  3. Fade In/ Fade Out (audio/ video)
  4. Rendering of the Above At Different Duration (mixing/ video stitching)
  5. Any Time Point Advertisement/ Watermarking
  6. Green Screen Replacement in Video Format

Guest and public will be more delighted to share on social media, delivering your marketing media to more potential client. Experience the best of technology in automation and processing speed.

SFX Video Storytelling

Escaping T-rex

James Bond Entrance

Netflix Original Film – Okja

Haunted (Warning: Disturbing Noise)

KOSÉ Product Launch

Conor McGregor ‘Champion Walk’ TV Ad

Share with us what are your concept and final output. We will be glad to discuss further with you!

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