Privatizing Guests’ Photos with a Password

Demonstration Video

Why do we need to have private access photos?

Generally, if the photo booth is installed in a public setting. All photos taken will be displayed on the same screen together with other strangers’ photos.

We understand that the above may cause some concerns for clients who do not wish to display any photos and videos openly.

Our team proposes a simple and secure password to access a feature that can be integrated into our photo booth. In short, only the captured users can see, print & share their own photos.

Brandable Password Keyboard (page)

How can photos be privately accessed?

The simple solution we have is for the guests to key in a unique password code (photo number in this case) during the photo capturing. Alternatively, we can generate a unique password code (in a form of a paper receipt) on behalf of each user to avoid using their mobile phone numbers.

To retrieve back the photo for printing and sharing. All they have to do is to input back the same password code to access all their photos and videos only.

In terms of aesthetics, customers can brand this keyboard page with their own logo and T&C (terms and conditions). If you have any questions regarding this security feature. Please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to assist you.