Pre-filled Caption for Photobooth

Pre-filled Caption for Social Media Sharing

It has come to our attention that many corporate vendors are looking for pre-filled caption service in their photo booth package.

Cheese Effects team would like to advise that these pre-filled caption/ hashtag service is not approved by many popular social media platform.

By-passing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter policy for API involves many risks for your event. Users have high possibility of censored photos, blocked hashtag content or have their account closed.

Vendors and app developers who continued to ignore this policy, will been blacklisted and had their content removed.

‘It looks like your app, XXXXXXXX may be posting photos with pre-filled captions. If that’s the case, you’ll want to remove any default photo captions within the next few days in order to avoid restrictions.’

– Facebook Team


Facebook Platform Policy 2.3 Example and Explanation


Populate the user message parameter with content a user manually entered earlier in your app’s flow.
Your app’s composer can include a call-to-action that disappears when people start to write a post.

For example, Facebook’s composer uses grey scale text to ask “What’s on your mind?” that disappears when people start to write.


Pre-fill the user message parameter with any content the user didn’t enter themselves, even if they can edit or delete that content before sharing. This applies to posts, comments, photo captions, and photo album captions.

Add your own content to that which the user manually entered. This includes hashtags, hyperlinks or URLs.

Prompt users to click or tap a button to auto-populate the user message parameter. Your app can suggest content, but the person using your app should choose to manually copy and paste or type that content themselves.

Pre-fill using the iOS share sheet. For apps pre-filling using the iOS share sheet we recommend that you either remove all instances of pre-fill from your app and submit an update to Apple’s App Store or use Facebook’s share dialog for a more seamless experience.


Assurance and Quality

To ensure successful social media marketing, we urge marketing team to avoid unapproved methods from other vendors.

Client are welcomed to share marketing strategy with Cheese Effects. Our team of social platform specialist will provide the approved advise which best fit your event.