Affordable Instant Photo Booth Rental in Singapore

Cheese Effects started in 2015, specialising in photo booth rentals and on-site printing in Singapore. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard, guaranteeing up-to-date studio hardware and memorable experience for all who hire our services. The photo booth industry in Singapore has evolved. With businesses booming, these kiosks have been a common sight across all types of events. We understand that guests and VIPs look for new functions and premium instant print services when using our booths. In Cheese Effects, we specialize in handcrafted backdrops and personalized props, to provide guests with a unique experience. All our props are well thought out and are created from scratch by our experienced designers and craftsmen. When incorporated into our professional photography sessions, studio-quality pieces of art are produced by our talented crew. Our services cover a wide range of functions including instant print, GIF booth, roving photography, on-site printing, and hash-tag Instagram print. These booths can be installed as:

Trusted Photobooth by Many

At Cheese Effects, we tailor to your special occasion. We are committed to provide excellent photo booth experience for your guests. We know that every event is unique and special. Drop us a mail here and share with us your excitement!

Photo Booth for Corporate Events in Singapore

Hosting a Gatsby night, masquerade party or spooky Halloween themed event? Cheese Effects’ customization service has it covered. Our in-house designers provide complimentary branding, as well as customised frames, backdrops, and prop designs that will best fit your needs. Since almost everything is commissioned by us, we offer quality products at factory rate. Moreover, Cheese Effects promises speed and reliability. Our photo booths are capable of handling an average of 1000 – 2000 guests with a mere 60-second waiting time for picture collection. Also, when it comes to corporate functions such as product showcases, Cheese Effects will only market your brand without imposing ours, for our services are fully dedicated to our clients in Singapore.

Cheese Effects promises speed (collection instantly) and reliability as well, when it comes to corporate functions such as Dinner and Dance or Product Showcase (no Cheese Effects branding will be imposed onto all prints). Our instant photo booth is capable of handling an average of 1000 – 2000 guest with immediate 60 seconds collection.

Best Wedding Photo Booth in Singapore

Be enticed by our attractive photos and exclusive wedding props. Our Cheese Effects crew will provide over 60 props to your wedding event. From handmade props to in-house custom-designed chalkboard banners, we have them all! Our props have earned many praises and are in high demand for pre-wedding photography and wedding displays. Speak with us to learn more about our prop rental and photography services, such as the entertaining GIF wedding photo booth in Singapore

Our props had earned many praises from couples and are in high demand for pre-wedding photography and actual wedding display. Speak to us now to learn more about how our props rental can tag along with your photography service here.

Themed Props

Fancy and colorful custom-made props are available when you book the best photo booth services by Cheese Effects (Singapore). Our team can prepare a set of themed props for your event. Some of our available themed props include 80s retro, glitz and glamour, beach summer party, back to school, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Halloween, Star Wars, Gatsby, and many more. Our themed photo booth in Singapore will ensure that every event is unique in its way. As one of the main highlights of any event, we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that guests have a good time at our kiosks.

Festive Props

Our themed photo booth in Singapore to ensure every event is unique in it’s own way. We believe the photo booth are the main highlight and it is our responsibility to ensure that guests get the first hand experience of the ‘mood’ from our photo booth. Having a Christmas Party or Lunar New Year celebration? Our team is sure to prepare a set of themed based photo booth props for your event. Looking for a photo booth with all the themed props for your event? Cheese Effects are ready to provide these! Contact us now to previous our themed props!

Trusted Photo Booth Kiosk Provider in Singapore
Photo Booth Kiosk Available

Our elegant and multifunctional instant photo booth kiosks are designed and custom-built in Singapore. Some of the features of our services include:


Singapore’s first photo booth with compact, dual-touch screen monitors, designed to maximize the photo-taking experience for guests.Measuring 60cm x 40cm, the booth can be placed in areas with limited space without exposing any unsightly wiring or machinery.Brand-able booths for roadshows & product launches are available upon request. We can also customise them to generate data reports from surveys and emails to aid in the contest winner selection process.

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Looking for a photo booth with all the themed props for your event? Cheese Effects are ready to provide these! At Cheese Effects, we tailor our services to your needs. Whether a wedding or a product launch, we are committed to providing an excellent experience for your guests. If you’re seeking that extra spark of fun for your event, get in touch with the good folks at Cheese Effects! Simply fill in the inquiries form below or here. For further enquiries on your event or our latest promotions, you may call us at (65) 8401 1760 during office hours.

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