Photo-what? The photo booth you can’t wait to try out!

If you’ve ever been to a party or event, or even be part of an organising committee for one, you’d know the pressure that comes with entertainment planning. As guests will be the priorities of the event, it is important to prepare adequate activities and events-of-interest to keep them entertained. There is nothing worse than having your guests leave your event bored out of their wits with nothing memorable for them to bring back home with.
Nowadays, for an event to be a raging success in Singapore, it has to have certain things: good food, awesome setting, and a smashing place to take photos in. With the selfie craze taking over the world, guests are left perfectly capable of keeping themselves entertained as long as they have interesting props and a photogenic backdrop to take pictures in. More photos taken and shared at an event is almost akin to how successful an event nowadays. Though, however simple our smartphones has made the task of snapping and sharing photos, it is not the same as having an official photobooth set up especially for the event.

It’s Official

You’ve got the venue, the decorations, the music, and even the food menu perfect for your event. Now what could you possibly lack to take your event to the next level? An official event photo booth of course! Each big party in Singapore should have their own photo booth. Aside from allowing guests to entertain themselves, nothing beats having a photo booth that sports tailor-made backdrops and handcrafted props, prepared exclusively for your event! Guests can get creative with the props that are in conjunction with the theme of the event, which will give photos the extra oomph when shared on social media!

Photobooth Service

As a premium photo booth service provider in Singapore, you can expect nothing but the best equipment in the photo booth you booked with us. The DSLR camera provided in the booth comes equipped with professional studio lighting that is guaranteed to give your guest the setting they could not replicate outside the booth. Our photo booth comes with a customisable photo design that are sure to wow your guests and attendees!

Bring it home with you

An awesome event will leave their guests with something to remember the night with. And with our photo booth, guests can bring back quality printed photographs! The high speed printing of our photo booth is capable of producing a 4R photo in just eight seconds!

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