Photo Booth Hand Draw Digital Props Sticker

Custom sticker (not to be confused with sticker printout), also known as a digital prop is the latest creative tool for your guests to play at the photo booth. Traditionally, the taken image (with print design) will be printed out straight after photo-taking. Now, guests can write a message and paste emoji on the photo.

During the booth sequence, hand-drawn and digital prop functions will be proposed to the guests. However, it is not compulsory for them to use and they may choose to skip it. Do note that if the taken image is applied with creative materials, printing will be made using the processed image. Currently, this function is only applicable with 4R print standard photo booth service.

Customized Your Own Sticker

Generally, 30 generic emoji props will be provided for your guests. If you are looking at unique custom digital props for event activation. You can send them to us for our photo booth installation and the custom stickers will be displayed along with the 30 generic props. Custom stickers encourage your guests to work with your branding/ materials physically. This is also the easiest way to produce custom props without sending them for printing.