Traditional ID Photo Taking for Businesses

Mass resume, portfolio, and passport photo taking with digital soft copies and instant printout.

Activate a photography studio (photo taking at your office/ institution) for your resume/ passport solution with our professional studio-grade equipment, DSLR and industrial hi-speed printer at your venue. Our service includes complimentary soft copies and instant print out. Hence, your guests can use the digital format for online submission.

Our system software is automatic and subjects are guided by our experienced photographer. The entire process from the photo shoots (multiple re-takes) to printing only requires less than 2 minutes per person. As the entire system (printing) and processing (digital photos) are performed on-site, there are no longer days of waiting for the photos.

Subjects can share their digital soft copies instantly to their emails via our on-site Sharing Kiosk. Cheese Effects also provides many add-on services such as professional makeup and blazer rental services to accommodate roadshows.

Instant Print with Partial Mini Photos for Events

Souvenirs that capture your heart and the special moment.

Photos are captured and developed immediately for your guests.

Souvenirs are distributed by us along with the photo printout after photo taking.

The print-out templates can be customized with cutting lines. Hence the cut-out will fit exactly into any photo slot dimension.

Case Study: Punggol SAFRA engaged our instant ID photo service for their annual Diaper Dash. Participants in the Diaper Dash competition are awarded medal locket that has a photo slot. Our photo booth staff captured the family’s photo for them with instant printing. The developed print includes 4 mini and 1 large photo, where the mini photo can be cut out for the locket.

In addition, the large photo with event designs can be separated aside for guests’ keeping.

Choose Cheese Effects as your ID photo provider in Singapore

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