Neon Wall Video Booth

Be creative and start drawing!

Our neon wall video booth service is a large glass wall that guests can draw on it with neon markers. Participants will also get to receive a copy of the digital video of how they created their masterpiece. The main unique feature of this service is that every ink drawn on the glass wall will have a bright neon glowing effect. Making the drawing process for the guests extremely fun when every single stroke is applied.

Digital Video

DSLR camera to record your creative process and send it to you via QR code.

Creative Freedom

No restrictions, it’s all about generating a masterpiece.

Neon Markers

We will provide special neon markers and the glass wall.

Printing Add-On

You can add on a printer and you will get both digital video and a photo print.

Multiple Participants

Get as many people to join in to draw. We have many markers available.


Brand your neon wall videos with your logos, design frames, and music.

How does Neon Wall Video Booth work?

Light up my event with a luminous neon wall

1. Guests enter the video booth area with neon markers provided by us.

2. Our assistant will guide and count down to video capture. Guests can start drawing freely on the glass wall and stop when it’s completed.

3. Guests can preview and download their neon masterpiece digital videos via QR code.

e.g .12PM – 2PM
e.g. 12 Jan 2024 (to check with our availability)
e.g. Hotels, CBD Office, Malls, Tuas, Sentosa, Changi Airport and etc. (we do quote accurately based on location)
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