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Our magnet photo booths instantly produce magnetic prints. These can be collected immediately after a photo-taking session at your event in Singapore.

The quality of prints preoduced by Cheese Effects is high-grade, making them souvenirs worth keeping. Each picture magnet is 1 mm thick, ideal for easy re-positioning from one location to another. The prints are also firm and have a strong hold.

Moreover, the magnetic base is scratch-free – a testament to its high-quality. We have in-stock a range of sizes, ready for any events you have in mind.

From the standard 4R photo size to credit-card sized and magnetic strips, we have them all.

If you would like your magnetic photos to be of a specific shape, circles, for example, we provide customisation services as well. Simply make a pre-order with us and we will provide you with prints in your desired shape.

Unique Wedding Favors

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and something magnetic.

Take your wedding photo booth and door gifts to the next level and surprise your guests with this unique material.

Showcase wedding memories and capture candid fun moments of guests on these magnetic prints.

Skip the ephemeral gifts and thank guests with these everlasting favors. Everyone will appreciate this thoughtful and personalized gift from you.

Unlimited Prints

High Quality Magnet

Superb Photo Finish

Why Choose Cheese Effect as your Magnet Photo Booth Provider in Singapore?

Let us stick by your side! Looking to put up a magnet photo booth at your event in Singapore?

Hire Cheese Effects and we will guarantee quality services that meet your demands.

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