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Traditional light painting can only capture light exposure into final product of still imagery. Our new technique can show the process “fun part” of capturing light motion and embedded them onto the video. The idea is straightforward, guests first take a video of themselves light-painting. Our Light and Motion system will identify light sources and generate the light trails with its original colors. Now everyone can see genuine light painting live in motion!

Immerse yourself doing light painting live in our dark enclosure. Gives different possibilities for light artist. Choose our Light Painting Video Live for the perfect blend of between art and technology.

How light painting boomerang works?

Guests step into the dark room booth and equipped with colored light sticks/ torches.
Our staff will start count down for boomerang capture. Optional still-photo can be done after to develop photo prints.
Guests can preview and send their light-painting video at our sharing station.


If your activation is looking to pander young demographic that loves unique experiences, you will need the Light Painting Video Live. Contact us today to find out more.
This new technology of light tracking capture are becoming the perfect experiential marketing sensation.


Choose Cheese Effects as your Light Painting Video Live provider in Singapore

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