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The design of our Instagram Hashtag booth has an illuminable top cover built in, it allows customization of hashtag text input. Our Instagram booth is suitable to place in low light environment because of the LED function. In well lit environment, the LED light box is elegant and the quality is suitable for use for advertising purposes.

Capture Event Photos with Instagram

3 reasons why you should engage Instagram print booth!


Reliable Camera
Nowadays smart-phone are equipped with Full HD photography camera and an incredible assistant AI. Needless to worry if the resolution are low for printing or environment is too dark for photo-taking. There are also plenty of mobile applications available to the public. Guests are encourage to apply filter and use self-editing software accordingly their style.


Dynamic Photo-Taking
Instagram Print Photos are not boring! Guests can take photographs with the decoration set-up and roam around the venue. Corporate or Marketing Campaign organizer can also tap on social media trend and promote public awareness for your event. Best of all, photos uploaded during the period of the booth session will be collected and returned in full for your keeping.


Reduction in Queue Time
As photos can be taken anywhere and anytime not restricting to the area of Instagram print booth. Guests can print their photos anytime as long as its in the Instagram server. This flexibility can reduce queuing time compared to standard photo booth. Which means guests can spend more time for the program or to catch up with bride and groom.



 Standard Photo BoothInstagram Print Booth
Customized Design
Unlimited Print
Return of All Softcopies
Photography MethodPhotos Taken by Cheese EffectsPhotos Taken by Guests
Protective SleevesEnvelopesPlastic Sleeves
Printing MethodFully Assisted PrintingSelf-Help Print Kiosk (with staffs on-site)
Instructional BoardN.A.
Public Awareness & VisibilityN.A.✓ (hashtag database)
Possibility to Move Around☓ (restricted to backdrop)
Self-Custom Filter and Edit
Print Photos from another Day
Provision of Props☓ (add-on available)