Social Media Magic: Instagram & Twitter Hashtag Print Photo Booth Service in Singapore

Experience the ultimate in social media integration with Cheese Effects’ Instagram hashtag print photo booth service in Singapore. Perfect for weddings, parties, and corporate events, our innovative booth allows guests to print their Instagram photos on the spot. Here’s how it works: guests simply post their photos on Instagram with a designated event hashtag, and our photo booth automatically retrieves and prints these photos in real-time. It’s a seamless way to engage guests, encourage social sharing, and create instant keepsakes that capture the excitement of any occasion.

Whether you’re looking to boost social media interaction at your event or provide personalized mementos for your guests, Cheese Effects’ Instagram hashtag print photo booth service delivers both fun and functionality. Elevate your event with this modern twist on photo sharing and let your guests take home memories that they can cherish long after the event is over.

The Instagram Print Booth offers the advantage of allowing users to take their photos anywhere, making it ideal for beautifully decorated venues or outdoor events like marathons.

Experience live events.

Live and unfiltered: The power of Instagram print booths

Reliable Camera, Dynamic Photo-Taking, Reduction in Queue Time. Guests today benefit from smartphones equipped with Full HD cameras and advanced AI, ensuring high-resolution photos even in low-light environments. Mobile apps offer a range of filters and editing tools to personalize images. Instagram Print Photos enhance event engagement by allowing guests to capture moments throughout the venue, promoting events through social media trends. All photos uploaded during the booth session are collected for easy access. This flexibility reduces wait times typical of photo booths, letting guests enjoy events without interruption.

Let us be the highlight.

Amplify your hashtag impression

The design of our Instagram Hashtag booth has an illuminable top cover built-in, it allows customization of hashtag text input. Our Instagram booth is suitable to place in a low-light environment because of the LED function. In a well-lit environment, the LED light box is elegant and the quality is suitable for use for advertising purposes.

How Does It Work?

Find out how it’s done. Enjoy your experience.

Discover how our Instagram hashtag print booth service operates with these simple steps:

Step 1: Guests are encouraged to share photos publicly on Instagram using a designated event hashtag.

Step 2: Our kiosk booth automatically retrieves and brands these photos in real-time.

Step 3: Guests can print their branded prints by selecting their photos on the kiosk booth screen.

The Essentials.

Everything you need to know for a perfect setup.

Unlimited hashtag upload and print photo sessions

Two hashtags in-monitoring

No backdrops and props for Instagram hashtag service

No roaming staff to take photos of your guests

Unlimited printouts per person

Choose 1 photo print size

High-speed printer at 4 – 8s per copy

Free white envelopes

Fully customized border design branding 1

Free delivery & set-up

21″ live preview monitor

Access all digitals via a download link

At least 1 staff on-site 2

1 Customized border design branding will only have 3 standard revisions. Subsequent revisions cost $30.

2 The main job of our staff on site is to facilitate the photo-identifying and printing process. The photo booth staff are not responsible for engaging the guests or crowd-pulling.

The cut-off time for the photo booth is 2230h. If you require an extension beyond this time, additional charges will apply.

Indoor or overhead-sheltered venue

Space area of 2.4m by 2.4m

Power socket nearby, 3 pin plug with 13 amp

1 table and 2 chairs

The team will arrive 45 minutes beforehand to set up. The client must ensure the relevant permit is obtained for us to access the venue.

After the service, the set-up will be dismantled immediately. If you require us to cease at a later time, additional charges will apply.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Can you monitor 2 hashtags for my event?

Yes, we can monitor up to 2 hashtags for your event.

How come my photos are not displayed on the kiosk booth?

Guests must public their Instagram accounts and hashtags correctly for our kiosk to receive the photos.

How long does it take for the uploaded photos to be displayed on your kiosk booth?

It takes about 10s for the uploaded photos to be branded and displayed on the kiosk booth for printing.

Can your staff roam around my venue to capture photos for my guests?

No, they will not be roaming around the venue. The main job of our staff on site is to facilitate the photo-identifying and printing process.

Can your staff help to install/ create an Instagram account for our guests?

No, our staff are not allowed to handle sensitive information such as creating of social media account for your guests.

Can uploaded photos be automatically printed instead of requiring guests to select and print them?

No, guests must be present at the booth to print their photos. This ensures that only the creators collect their photos. We use a queue system to maintain fairness and order.

Choose Cheese Effects as Your Instagram Print Photo Booth Provider in Singapore

Looking for an Instagram booth that boosts your event’s social media ranking? Cheese Effects is ready to provide these! If you’re seeking that extra spark of fun for your event, get in touch with the good folks at Cheese Effects for our photo booth in Singapore service!