0.5x Wide Angle Photo Booth

0.5x Wide Angle Photo Booth Rental in Singapore

Animated GIF video booth for social event

The new 0.5 wide-angle photobooth which takes photos from that highly-coveted top-down angle

Top-down wide-angle photobooth inspired by the viral Tik-Tok trend.

Upgrade your GIF Photo Booth with MP4 for Rental in Singapore

Set the mood and personalize your GIF with complimentary music from our MP4 song selection that comes in an upgrade package deal when you book our photo booth rental service in Singapore at no extra cost! Play the videos below and feel the beat of trendy music and sound effects!

Post Your Animated GIF As Video With Our Photo Booth

Amazed by our high-quality videos and superb studio lighting? We can convert the GIF format from our photo booth into HQ videos for easy posting on social media platforms. 

After having fun with friends & family, we want you to be able to share your wonderful memories! Get interactive picture-perfect moments with our animated gif photo booth rental in Singapore.

GIF booth rental for Frank by OCBC event
Gif booth for "Death Valley" Halloween event

Dual-Touch Screen Monitors

At Cheese Effects, we’re always at the forefront of innovation. In response to the growing demand for GIF kiosks, we introduced a revolutionary booth interface in 2017 – Singapore’s very first compact kiosk equipped with in-built dual-touch screen monitors, distinctly separated for photo-taking and social sharing. 

This cutting-edge design was carefully crafted to enhance the overall photo-taking and GIF-sharing experience for guests. Offer guests a seamless & effortless photo-taking experience and conveniently create GIFs with your customized logo. No matter the event, our GIF kiosk is designed to elevate the experience.

Cheeseeffects GIF booth provide dual touch screen monitors

360° Advertising GIF Photo Booth Skin

Customizable booths for roadshows and product launches are also available upon request. Measuring 60cm x 40cm, our animated GIF photo booth can blend seamlessly into your event space – place them in any area, even with limited space, without exposing any unsightly wiring or machinery.

Whatever your needs are, we strive to meet them. Get a unique 360° advertising skin for your GIF photo booth for a captivating visual experience to promote your brand or products. 

Our booths can also be programmed to include data collection from forms, providing valuable insights into your audience. Use the data collected from our GIF photo booths to generate data reports for contests or for any other marketing needs.

Cheeseeffects GIF booth is customize and can placed in any space

Swanky Boomerang GIF

At Cheese Effects, we understand that capturing moments in style is essential. That’s why we offer the Swanky Boomerang GIF feature, which adds a touch of flair to your photo booth experience. 

With the rapid looping effect, accompanied by music input and fully customizable booth skin, your branded GIFs will definitely leave a lasting impression for your guests!

Experience the magic of our animated GIF photo booth in Singapore today! For flexible rental options, contact us to discuss your event needs.

Cheeseeffect provide GIF boomerang with Google cover
Cheeseeffects provide GIF boomerang video booth for party event
Cheeseeffects provide GIF boomerang video booth for Kidzania Singapore event

Animated Green Screen GIF

Experience the magic of our Animated Green Screen GIF feature at Cheese Effects! We take your photo booth experience to the next level with this dynamic and engaging option.

Cheeseeffects animated greenscreen GIF backdrop

Our Green Screen technology allows you to choose custom backgrounds, adding a whole new dimension to your photos and GIFs.

Animated Green Screen GIFs are perfect for corporate events, parties, and weddings. With customizable backgrounds and professional-grade equipment, you and your guests can let your creativity run wild. 

Capture moments against iconic backdrops or transport yourselves to far-off places with our versatile Greenscreen GIF photo booth.

Cheeseeffects GIF greenscreen video booth for Mercedes-Benz event
Cheeseeffects GIF greenscreen video booth

Choose Cheese Effects for your

GIF Photo Booth Rental in Singapore

At Cheese Effects, we offer an unparalleled experience that combines creativity, technology, and fun to make your event unforgettable.

Our GIF photo booth is equipped with the latest features, including Animated Green Screen GIFs, Swanky Boomerang GIFs, and dual-touch screen monitors for effortless photo-taking and sharing. We provide a 360° advertising photo booth skin for branding and data collection, ensuring your event makes a lasting impact.

Not sure which type of GIF suits your event best? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive explanation page highlighting the differences between Animated GIFs and Boomerang GIFs in our photo booths. 

Choose the style that fits your event’s vibe and create memorable, shareable content.

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