A company Dinner and Dance at the Great Wall of China or dropped by Mars with Elon Musk? These no longer seem far-fetched with the green screen technology offered by Cheese Effects. Easily used in our other booth options such as the GIF, standard, or video booths, you can now create otherworldly background images with unlimited possibilities.

Your pictures come to life at photo booths equipped with our Chroma-Key services available for events such as weddings in Singapore. By using chroma-key software, you will get an instant preview of yourself on our live monitors.

How Does Our Green Screen Photo Booth Work?

See below for a detailed illustration of how our system generates amazing backgrounds and immediately imprints a design template onto your pictures.

Live Preview

Spoilt by the many options? We can remotely switch the background with our wireless controller.
Guests can see themselves on the live monitor and take their pick.

Immediate Printing Options

The picture is taken and voila! 3 layers are combined to make up the final product: green screen background, subject photo, and additional branding overlay.
The processing of these layers is almost immediate (3 seconds) but may vary if hi-resolution digital photos are requested.

Perks of our Cool Green Screen Photo Booths

Multiple Background Selection
Visit old memories with new technology!

Innova Junior College’s homecoming green screen photo booth used 5 different digital backgrounds that made it seem like they were back at their school compound. Graduands and alumni at the school open house were excited by the nostalgic backgrounds, which brought back memories of their time as a student.

The booth was set up in the school hall with low and uneven lighting. From our years of experience, we understand that there are environmental variables that may affect the quality of the pictures. These challenges can be easily overcome with our expertise, as we provide studio lights to produce impeccable, quality pictures.

Looking for a backdrop personal to you? The digital backgrounds of the school compound were taken by a teacher, with a smartphone camera. With smartphone cameras now able to produce vibrant and clear images, digital backgrounds can be created in abundance.

Different Backgrounds in Photo-Taking Sequence
With Cheese Effects, you can get the most out of your choice of digital backgrounds.

Instead of having a single background for all 4 shot sequences, we can tag different backgrounds for each of the 4 shots.

For example, Background #1 for Shot #1 and Background #2 for Shot #2, and so forth. The final print will thus contain 4 shots, each with its own unique digital background.

Having a fixed background sequence will not only reduce the time spent at the booth but can also be used as a mode of storytelling. One can’t help but ignite their creativity and play along with the 4, transcendental backgrounds

Greenscreen Kiosk Installation for Roadshows

The booth interface can be designed to be self-operated and equipped to display user-friendly instructions when the green screen photo booth is activated. Below are some of the events where we have set up these ingenious kiosks:

Tiong Bahru Plaza Travel Fair Roadshow

The 1.8m (H) x 3m (L) kiosk was branded with promotional material customized onto a sticker on one side and a chroma-key green screen photo booth interface on the other.

Shoppers’ with valid receipts participated in the photo-taking and could print and email the photos to themselves.

Marina Bay Sands Glashütte Original Exhibition

The Glashutte Original photo booth was installed with self-help functions in mind. Marina Bay Sands guests could access the exhibition to understand the brand more and kept themselves entertained throughout the event at our kiosk.

Similar to all our green screen activation, guests chose their preferred digital backdrop on the touchscreen and saw themselves posing before the selected backdrop in real-time. With Cheese Effects, you can get the most out of your choice of digital backgrounds.

Choose Cheese Effects as your Cheese Effects as Your Green Screen Photo Booth Provider in Singapore

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