Unleash the Glamour: Elevate Your Event with the Glambot Experience

The Glambot craze first took the globe by storm a few years ago, leaving the internet awe-struck with its Hollywood-worthy slow-motion footage. A high-speed camera is attached to a robotic arm. It was a revolutionary concept, and we at Cheeseeffects.sg are ready to transport you and your guests to a red-carpet Hollywood experience.

Cheeseeffects.sg’s Glambot isn’t your average video booth service; it’s your ticket to a mesmerizing and glamorous event. This latest addition to our lineup of video booth services is nothing short of spectacular. With our Glambot at your event, your guests are in for a treat that will leave them wide-eyed with wonder—capturing your guests’ special moments with style, transforming ordinary seconds into breathtaking, dramatic slow-motion videos that slay for Instagram stories and TikToks.

So, are you ready to elevate your event to the next level? Join us in embracing the Glambot experience and make your event extraordinary with our Glambot Video Booth service. Let’s bring the Hollywood glam to your event, one awe-inspiring moment at a time.

We Give You The Real Glambot Effect

Clean and Sleek Set-up

The booth is simplified and pre-covered in a black theme. All wires are hidden from the guest.

Finest Equipment

Equipped with an ultra highspeed 4K camera and Glambot arm with a speed of 1.5m/s

Instant Sharing and Preview Tablet

Glambot has an additional 15″ tablet that showcases all the videos taken for sharing and previewing.

Compact System

We are allocating minimally 3m x 3m of space for the set-up. The Glambot can be placed in about just any venue like a boutique, mall, or ballroom.

How Does Our Glambot Work?

Position yourself at the indicated marking on the red carpet


Our Glambot staff will brief you on the camera flow and then capture your movement

Preview your Glambot video and download/ email it to yourself

Our Glambot Includes

High-Speed Camera

Perfect frame per second for the Glamatic effects

Glam Robotic Arm

Industry-certified cinematic robotic arm

Repeatable Video-Taking

Our Glambot system is designed to be repeatable so your guests can trial and error as many times.

Staging and Lighting

Enjoy the finest lighting set-up by our production crew

Onsite Video Editing

An extremely fast output.
Preview in 5s & Edited in 40s

Custom Branding

Use your branding for your Glambot video


What is a Glambot?

Glambot is a combination of a slow-motion camera filming and a high-speed robotic arm for precise movements. This type of production produces a spectacular, stunning, and dazzling video that will take your breath away.

How much space do I need? How long is the set-up?

The Glambot system needs a 2m x 2m of space, not including a custom-built backdrop and red carpet. An optional custom backdrop of approx 2.5m(H) x 4m(L) and a red carpet of 1.8m(W) x 4m(L) can be added in.

How many people can be fitted into the Glambot video?

The original Glambot focuses on showcasing only 1 person.
However, we can fit any number of guests to fit within the frame of the Glambot video capture.

Will there be a person to guide me?

Yes, there will be two staff to assist, demonstrate, and operate to bring out the best in your guests.

How long does it take for one group? How do I receive my video?

It takes less than 60 seconds to film, preview, and share your edited video. You can download your video via QR code scan/ email.

Are there any photo prints for the Glambot service?

No, there is no print for this video service.

What makes your Glambot different from others?

Our Glambot video output is closely aligned with the original Glambot (as seen in the Hollywood film industry).
We are confident that our Glambot produces an effect that is worth every second to watch.

Choose Cheese Effects for your Glambot Video Booth in Singapore

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