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Dual-Touch Screen Monitors

Due to the increasing demands and popularity of GIF kiosks, we designed and constructed a brand-new booth interface in 2017 – Singapore’s first compact kiosk with in-built dual-touch screen monitors (for photo-taking and social sharing separation).

It was designed to maximize photo-taking and GIF sharing experience for your guests.


360° Advertising Booth Skin

Brand-able booths for roadshows and product launches are available upon request. We can also customise them to generate data reports from surveys and emails to aid in the contest winner selection process.

Measuring 60cm x 40cm, the booth can be placed in areas with limited space without exposing any unsightly wiring or machinery.


Swanky Boomerang GIF

Love the rapid looping effect Cheese Effects offers it with music input and a fully customisable booth skin!

Unsure which type of GIF to choose from? Check out our in-depth explanation page of the differences between Animated GIF and Boomerang GIF photo booth.

Animated Greenscreen GIF

GIFs can be produced with dramatic backgrounds using a Hollywood style green screen backdrop.

Looking to double the fun? No worries, Cheese Effects offers you the perfect solution with our GIF and green screen background. Green screen replacement is instantly generated, and multiple digital backgrounds can be selected from our live-preview monitor.

Equipped with multiple backdrops and automatic green screen cancelling software for live preview, guests can create GIFs with any background scene. Get ready to walk through a forest or perform an original space dance, 36,000 km above the earth!


Wedding Package

Add liveliness to your wedding with an animated wedding GIF Photo Booth available for rental in Singapore. For more information, check out our wedding photography package page.

Choose Cheese Effects for your GIF Photo Booth Rental in Singapore

From GIFs to video booths, and everything in between, Cheese Effects will cater to your photography needs.

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