Full Customization Guideline

If you require full customization, the booth can be designed as self-assisted system for your event.

Here are the basic key guideline for full customization,

Self Operating System Flow

  1. Welcome Page
  2. Selection Page (if you have more than 1 design template/ shoot style)
  3. Instruction Page (optional – e.g. competition criteria or how to use the booth)
  4. Start Capturing Page (it will display live preview for the guest to see themselves while taking photo)
  5. Printing Page
  6. Sharing Page
  7. Return (at any point if the user did not proceed, the screen will automatically return back to Welcome Page after 30s)

Functions & Selection on Display

  1. Single/ Multiple Photo-Taking
  2. GIF Capability
  3. Different Design Selection Option
  4. 4R or Photostrip Print Size Option

Usage Restriction (4 Choices)

  1. Prompt an Email Window before Photo-Taking. (Compulsory Email to Start Photo-Taking)
  2. Prompt an Email Window after Photo-Taking. (No Email input Printing Denied)
  3. Prompt an Email Window after Photo-Taking. (No Email input Printing Allowed)
  4. Never Prompt Email Window

Custom Email Content

  1. Digital Poster
  2. Content Message
  3. Hyperlink to Social Media
  4. Custom Email Address
  5. PDPA Consent Checkbox (required for email collection)
  6. Data Collection in Excel File

Booth Exterior & Software Misuse Protection

  1. Vandal Protection (key lock & anti-scratch lens glass protection)
  2. Software Auto Recovery (built in awareness,  automatically reboot if software hangs)
  3. Auto System Shutdown & Power Cut (overnight protection)

Attached image below is the basic custom GUI (graphical user interface) the user will experience.



Click ‘here‘ to download the original template for your designer to execute the artwork.