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Cheese Effects Photo Booth has 3 stages

Stage 1: Confirmation and Deposit

I would like to know more before booking. What should I do?

You may learn more by reading our FAQ section or speaking to us by filling up the form here. We will contact you as soon as we have received your email.

How can I confirm the booking and reserve the date?

Cheese Effects requires a 50% deposit of total cost for confirmation and reservation of date. This is applicable to all private function e.g. weddings, birthday and house warming etc (not required from corporate or government sector). The remaining balance will be made on actual day or inter-bank transfer the day before.

What are the payment modes?

Cheese Effects accepts cash on delivery (COD), cheque and inter-bank transfer.

When should I engage you?

Cheese Effects cannot guarantee availability. We suggest you to contact us first and let us know your event. As a rule of the thumb for event between( Oct – Dec), it is best to book us 6 months early from the actual event date.

How long should I engage you?

Our photo booth package starts at 2 hour per engagement. If required, you may prompt us for an extension (add-on cost) during the photo booth service. However, this is also subject to our schedule for the day.

What time should I allocate the start of Photo Booth Service?

We suggest you to align the photo booth Service with guest arrival timing.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”What happens after confirmation of deposit?

What happens after confirmation of deposit?

We will issue you a receipt and direct you to access a link that will assist our in-house designer in achieving the ideal design outlook of your photo.

Stage 2: Planning & Design

What are the things that requires planning/ design in this stage?

There are 3 things “choice of backdrop” and “photo design(frame)

What is photo design(frame)?

It is the design that will be imprinted on the actual photo. We advise that this design should be 20% of the area; simple and neat design should be the objective.

What are the choices of backdrop/ photo design(frame) sample?

After confirmation, we will direct you to a link which will include all available backdrop and samples. Alternative you may visit our Instagram page for immediate preview of our samples.

Is there a display monitor for live preview? What is the size of the monitor?

We will provide a 21″ Monitor for live viewing (see yourself screen) and instant preview of the taken photo. A large 21″ Monitor provides is comfortable for your guest to use.

What photo paper will the photo be printed on? Is it laminated and waterproof?

Photo is printed on industrial grade paper. Our Dye Sub & Thermal printer will automatically sealed the paper with a dye layer (lamination) which protect against UV light, fingerprints, and even water.

Unlike ink technologies, there is no smudging, running or blotching because prints are dry and ready to touch as soon as they leave. Also, the photos produced by Dye Sub & Thermal Printer will not turned yellow or sticky over time.

May I know what camera and printer that will be used for my event?

Our operate with DSLR Canon and professional studio grade equipment for photography. Our Dye Sub & Thermal printer (not inkjet) is a high volume producer at a speed of 8s/ 4R. Its a powerful printer control engine is designed to maximize image quality with the fastest performing/ printing speed in the market.

The different between Dye Sub & Thermal Printer compared to Inkjet Printer?

As mentioned, the difference between Dye Sub & Thermal Printer and Inkjet Printer mainly lies in the quality of the photo printout.

Our Dye Sub & Thermal printer will automatically seal the paper with a dye layer (lamination) which protects against UV light, fingerprints, and even water.

Unlike inkjet technologies, there is no smudging, running, or blotching because prints are dry and ready to touch as soon as they leave. Also, the photos produced by Dye Sub & Thermal Printer will not turn yellow or sticky over time.

Our Dye Sub & Thermal printer offers 8s per 4R printout in comparison to Inkjet Printer which takes the 30s per 4R printout.

In summary, Dye Sub & Thermal Printer provides the highest quality of photo printing compared to Inkjet Printer.

How long is the design/ planning process?

We aim to provide a draft photo design within 3 days and finalized design within 15days. We will continue to provide adjustments and changes up to 1 week before the date of service. For fully personalized artwork or exclusive theme, the project may take at least a month to source material and design.

How can I send in my design concept?

We welcome all forms of methods from sketches, descriptions, and images. You may send it to our mail with an attached file or WhatsApp us the image.

I would like to have a customized backdrop. What are the size and can I keep it?

The customized backdrop for the photo booth is 2.2 x 2.2 meters. Yes! you can keep the backdrop after the service. However, we would like to indicate it is an add-on cost on top of the package.

I am the company’s designer. What are the size, format and other area I should consider for photo frame design?

The photo frame design size will be 1844px width 1240px height and format “.png” only. Allocation of approx 3/4 area of empty space for actual shoot placement. You may also contact us here for samples and discuss with us further

What happened next after planning and design?

After the completion of the design, we will exchange the Point Of Contact (POC) and we will remind you again at our time of arrival.

Stage 3: Set-up & Actual Day Services

How much time is needed for set-up?

Cheesy team will arrive 1 hour earlier before the time of service. This is to ensure smooth operation for your VIPs and guests.

What are the logistic required for photo booth?

We will need 4 x 4 metre of working area. This includes 1 – 2 large table(s) (for working desk & props display) as well as an AC power socket nearby.

If my guest arrived early can I start the photo booth early too?

Yes! whenever your guest and I are ready!

How many crews are there in a team?

Cheesy Team are consist of 2 – 3 members, a photographer, guest usher and printing specialist.

What are the props provided?

Cheese Effects offers exclusive highly quality handcrafted props that suits your theme. We aim to achieve uniqueness in every photo booth we provide. You may visit our gallery or Instagram to preview the props.

Do you carry different props for different occasion?

Yes, we only carry props that fit the occasion. We do have props that are designed specifically for weddings, dnd, and open house,s etc.

Will my guest be paying for the photos

No, Cheese Effects provides unlimited printing and all costs are included in the package. Your guest can print as many as they want, with no extra charge. Equipped with the market’s fastest printer 8s/ photo, rest assured we only offer the best for you.

Will the bride and groom receive any photo album?

No, we do not provide customized photo album. We are looking into a better gifts for bride and groom, do check out our instagram page for updates.

Will all the photos be printed out?

Yes definitely! We assure you that all the photos will be printed out before we leave.

What happens after 2 hours of Photo booth?

Before the end of the session, we will inform you to let you know that we are closing in 15mins. You may request an extension, if not we will transfer all photos to your thumb drive.

Extension of Service?

Yes, this is under add-on service of $150/ Hour. You may play by ear and let us know on that day. However, this is subject to our availability.

How long does it take to remove the set-up for closing?

We will only need 30 minutes to pack and go.

What happens after end of photo booth?

Cheese Effects will be uploading all photos on our Instagram album for sharing and tagging in about 3 hours. We promise to keep the party going back at home.

Any Other Matter (A.O.M)

What kind of set-up Cheese Effects uses?

Cheese Effects is a kiosk photo booth. A kiosk is a custom-built case that holds and covered up the equipment. It uses lesser space and without showing visible wiring. There is also a touchscreen panel for self-use.

Another type of booth in the market is a studio-based photo booth. They are open concept with traditional tripod stands and remote clickers.

Both the kiosk and studio-based photo booth uses the same equipment and lighting. They produced the same quality of photos. The main difference is the set-up appearance and spaces.

How to choose a photo booth?

Guideline coming soon!

Your props are unique, can I buy it?

Yes! wheneverWe do offer sales of handcrafted props. Give us a mail or speak to our Cheesy Team on-site! your guest and I are ready!

My friend introduced me here. Can I get a discount?

Sure! We are all ready to offer great reference discount. Please indicate your friend’s name under the promotional code/ referral here!

Can I meet up with you to preview the hard copy?

Yes! Please request via info@cheeseeffects.sg for hard copies. We would love to share with you the quality of our photos.

I have other questions to clarify/ discuss with you. How can I contact you?

You may contact us via info@cheeseeffects.sg or give us a call at 84011760.

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