It stays throughout the party

Planning for your event? You will usually notice that the program is segregated into multiple portions. This could be from the arrival of guests, cocktail sessions, grand opening entrance, invited performances to closing speeches. A photo booth is one of the few things that remain after the food and cake are digested and the music has faded. It is also one of the sessions that overlap many activities. It’s certain to your guests that the photo booth will always be there and stay open throughout the event.

Keep your guests move-it!

Some guests don’t drink, while some guests don’t dance so they do not go to the dance floor. A photo booth gives everyone an opportunity to participate in the event. A little trip to the loo or walking to your friends across the table. How about taking a photo at the photo booth as a souvenir for keeping sake. In addition, we have many customized and unique props that surely meet the liking of anyone. There can also be event-related props that will generate more awareness of your product/ event. Attracting participants to participate is easier for us!

Affordable and value-added entertainment

Companies and wedding planners will know that a photo booth engagement is the most value-adding entertainment for any event. It allows the guests to create their own keepsakes and have fun at the same time. A standard photo booth in Singapore may not be the cheapest entertainment. However, if you consider the total quantity of photos printed and having a physical mini-studio installed right on your event compound. You will be awed at the cost-effectiveness and how instantaneous a photo booth can bring out a smile from your guests.

Guests favorite photographer

Photographers and videographers are nice to have but they are mainly there to document memories for the bridal couple. Almost none of the guests in attendance will ever see any of the pictures they may appear in. A photo booth will cover the attending guests – everyone knows photo booth capture is an unofficial attendance taking! The digital world also means that many guests want to show your event’s activities and what they are participating in, such as a photo booth to their followers. A photo booth activity will create more content on Facebook, Instagram, and the Tik Tok app. Share the joy, video the fun!