3D GIF Animated Print Service in Singapore

This product has many names and we felt obligated to list all of them down for reference purposes. Names like magic changing card, lenticular lens, Harry Potter print, holographic print, GIF card, and here we called it simply the 3D animated card. Unlike the standard photo print, this animated card has 3D animation effects which are incredibly eye-catching. This moving effect happens when you tile or move the card from angle to angle thus the 3D effects.

Firstly, our Cheese Effects team captured a set of photos and then generated them into a single photo print with multiple image layers. The lenticular lens is then installed onto the special print carefully by our experienced staff. The entire process is a combination of tradition and modern technology. Automated digital capture and printing while manual craftsmanship for installation of lenticular lens piece by piece.

The result is fascinating and the product creates an awe factor for many recipients. If you looking for a special souvenir that will make a strong impression on your event. Reach out for our awesome photo booth Singapore service today.
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Choose your Animated Print

Moving Effect (boomerang)
Size: Square 4″x 4″

3 Images Flip (GIF)
Size: Square 4″x 4″

3D Effect
Size: Square 4″x 4″

1 Image Flip + Brand (GIF)
Size: Square 4″x 4″

2 Images Flip + Brand (GIF)
Size: Square 4″x 4″

1 Image Flip + Brand (GIF)
Size: Square 4″x 2″
Luggage Tag

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