3D GIF Animated Print Service in Singapore

This product has many names and we felt obligated to list all of them down for reference purposes. Names like magic changing card, lenticular lens, Harry Potter print, holographic print, GIF card, and here we called it simply the 3D animated card. Unlike the standard photo print, this animated card has 3D animation effects which are incredibly eye-catching. This moving effect happens when you tile or move the card from angle to angle thus the 3D effects.

Firstly, our Cheese Effects team captured a set of photos and then generated them into a single photo print with multiple image layers. The lenticular lens is then installed onto the special print carefully by our experienced staff. The entire process is a combination of tradition and modern technology. Automated digital capture and printing while manual craftsmanship for installation of lenticular lens piece by piece.

The result is fascinating and the product creates an awe factor for many recipients. If you looking for a special souvenir that will make a strong impression on your event. Reach out for our awesome photo booth Singapore service today.
Not convinced yet? Read on below to find out more.

Choose your Animated Print

Explore your animated print options

Moving Effect (boomerang)
Size: Square 4″x 4″

3 Images Flip (GIF)
Size: Square 4″x 4″

3D Effect
Size: Square 4″x 4″

1 Image Flip + Brand (GIF)
Size: Square 4″x 4″

2 Images Flip + Brand (GIF)
Size: Square 4″x 4″

1 Image Flip + Brand (GIF)
Size: Square 4″x 2″
Luggage Tag

How Does It Work?

Find out how it’s done. Enjoy your experience.

Discover how our 3d animated card is created with these simple steps:

Step 1: Guests enter the photo booth for their personalized photo session.

Step 2: Depending on the chosen animated print, guests capture three shots or a short boomerang video.

Step 3: Guests preview and download their photos or boomerangs. Our staff then attaches the 3D lens to the photo print before presenting it to the guests.

The Essentials.

Everything you need to know for a perfect setup.

Unlimited 3d animated card photo sessions

Free GIFs per session

Unlimited 3d animated card per person

Choose 1 type of animated print

High-speed printer at 4 – 8s per copy

Fully customized border design branding 1

Standard fun props and accessories

DSLR and professional studio lighting

Free delivery & set-up

21″ live preview monitor

Access all digitals via a download link

At least 1 staff on-site 2

QR scan to download feature

1 Customized border design branding will only have 3 standard revisions. Subsequent revisions cost $30.

2 The main job of our staff on site is to facilitate the photo-taking and printing process. The photo booth staff are not responsible for engaging the guests or crowd-pulling.

The cut-off time for the photo booth is 2230h. If you require an extension beyond this time, additional charges will apply.

Indoor or overhead-sheltered venue

Space area of 3m by 3m

Power socket nearby, 3 pin plug with 13 amp

1 table and 2 chairs

The team will arrive 45 minutes beforehand to set up. The client must ensure the relevant permit is obtained for us to access the venue.

After the service, the set-up will be dismantled immediately. If you require us to cease at a later time, additional charges will apply.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Have questions? We’re here to help.

How fast is each 3D animated card session?

Each group takes about 30 seconds for their photo session. Attaching the 3D lens to each photo print requires an additional 10 seconds.

If my guests prefer regular photo print over 3D animated cards?

Please note that we exclusively offer 3D animated cards for this service.

What is the size of the 3D animated card?

The card is 4″ x 4″ or 10.16cm x 10.16cm.

How much space do you need for this?

Ideally, have an area of 3m x 3m space. If you have space restrictions do feel free to contact us.

Discover the 3D Animated Card Photo Booth in Singapore with Cheese Effects

Looking for a unique and captivating photo booth experience for your event? Cheese Effects offers an exceptional 3D animated card photo booth service in Singapore!