3 benefits of setting up a photo booth at your event

The initial purpose of setting up a photo booth is to allow guests or participants to have more choices on how they want their own photos taken. Instead of just letting their guests pose around the venue for glamorous photos, with a Cheese Effects photo booth set up at events in Singapore, guests can interact with the props, frames, and even backdrops. The only thing stopping them is the boundaries of their creativity. There are so much more that a photo booth can offer to events held in Singapore, and here are three main benefits on how it can lighten up an event.

Photo booth creates good branding for the event

With a proper photo booth set up in Singapore at one corner of the event, guests can take photos with whatever props that are prepared to suit the theme of the occasion. Through the photos taken and that were shared onto the social media platform, others could have an impression of how fun or how professional things were conducted at the event itself.  Apart from that, the booth setup could be customised to be as relevant as it could possibly be to the core message of the event, so the images shared around would very well promote and attract others’ attention to the happening corporate function.

It is one of the most customised door gifts ever

When you are scratching your head thinking of something to give your guests that could remind them of their good times at the event, the photo booth gives you the perfect solution to your problems. Not only their faces and smiles are recorded, it is something worthwhile keeping as the backdrops and props indicate the particular event that they have attended. These photo booths in Singapore that were set up could mostly provide for up to 2000 guests per event, which are perfect for corporate parties or weddings.

It comes with professional photography services

Talk about good use of space, colour contrast, lighting, and heights, our photo booths comes with professional photography. What does this means to those who have their photographs taken at the booth? It just simply means the photo quality is ensured! Apart from providing high resolution photos, guests can also request to have their own photos checked before printing from a large monitor live view. The best thing is, this photo booth prints photos instantly within 60 seconds. It’s a combination of services that will please the crowd.

Handled by professional in-house designers, craftsmen and photographers, our photo booths bring an extra dimension of fun at any events for families, friends and even colleagues in Singapore. Our up-to-date technologies enable clients to directly print desired photos through social media using hashtags. It is definitely an event highlight that no one wants to miss. Engage with us today!

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