Photobooth Kiosk for Wedding

  • September 24, 2016

Photo booth service has come a long way from passport printing to a must entertainment at almost every wedding functions in Singapore.

Variations of the photo booth has also differ from different vendors.

One of the main recent introduction in the market is automatic kiosk machine ‘booth in a box’

p.s. We are looking at fully covered box-ed kiosk machine, not those kiosk with semi boxed camera with still requires tripod legs.

The Photobooth Kiosk completely hidden unsightly cables and printer away from the guests.

Leaving it a simple and neat looking appearance at the wedding reception.

Is this kind of kiosk hardware and functionality comparable with standard studio based photo booth?


Photo booth Kiosk suitable for wedding?

From our experience, it depends on the kiosk machine that the vendor provides.

Generally, kiosk “booth in a box” are not suitable or recommended for wedding event.

These type of kiosk typically lack of 3 things,


1.  Poor Lighting (really important for photography)

Insufficient lighting to cover the subject evenly or properly

You’ll definitely need studio flash equipment for professional photography

Kiosk lighting system is not designed for quality images


2. Lack of Efficiency (unable to maximize the photo booth)

Inbuilt printer requires self-print after photo taking which slows down the queue

Weddings are usually a crowd of 300 guests at one go

While photos are printed by us, so guests will only need to collect the photos after photo taking

We will print by the number of people (8s/ photo only)


3. Non-Professional Equipment Camera

DSLR Camera is often replaced by Webcam or Compact Camera

Small Screen for Display, such as using 12″ Ipad compared to our 27″ Monitor


We suggest wedding couples to opt for a standard studio based photo booth.

To avoid disappointment and ensure quality and quantity at the same time.

Groom and Bride should also request for photo samples of the set-up and prints.

Guest can also access Instagram to preview some of the actual day photos shared by guests.


So why these Kiosk still exist?

Customized Skin of the booth are available for branding purposes, such as marketing campaign or event road show.

It is cost efficient for long term, since it is unmanned (at lest 6 hours or more)

Above all, it mainly does benefit the vendor for easy transportation

Hence explains why these photo kiosk are usually placed in a shop store or brand awareness event.


The selection on the type of booth system depends on the wedding program and preference of the couple.