FAQ Girl

Cheese Effects is always ready to provide assistance to your inquiry. While waiting for our reply, you may take reference from the list of FAQ below. For more information please contact us here.


Cheese Effects Photo Booth has 3 stages

Stage 1: Confirmation and Deposit

I would like to know more before booking. What should I do?

How can I confirm the booking and reserve the date?

What are the payment modes?

When should I engage you?

How long should I engage you?

What time should I allocate the start of Photo Booth Service?

What happens after confirmation of deposit?


Stage 2: Planning and Design

What are the things that requires planning/ design in this stage?

What is photo design(frame)?

What are the choices of backdrop/ photo design(frame) sample?

Is there a display monitor for live preview? What is the size of the monitor? 15, 17, 23 or 27 inches?

What photo paper will the photo be printed on? Is it laminated and waterproof?

May I know what camera and printer that will be used for my event?

The different between Dye Sub & Thermal Printer compared to Inkjet Printer?

How long is the design/ planning process?

How can I send in my design concept?

I would like to have a customized backdrop. What are the size and can I keep it?

I am the company's designer. What are the size, format and other area I should consider for photo frame design?

What happened next after planning and design?


Stage 3: Set-up/ Actual Service

How much time is needed for set-up?

What are the logistic required for photo booth?

How many crews are there in a team?

What are the props provided?

Do you carry different props for different occasion?

Will my guest be paying for the photos?

Will the bride and groom receive any photo album?

Will all the photos be printed out?

What happens after 2 hours of Photo booth?

Extension of Service?

How long does it take to remove the set-up for closing?

What happens after end of photo booth?


Any Other Matter (A.O.M)

What kind of set-up Cheese Effects uses?

How to choose a photo booth?

Your props are unique, can I buy it?

My friend introduced me here. Can I get a discount?

Can I meet up with you to preview the hard copy?


For more information please contact us here.