MP4 Booth

  • July 28, 2017

Putting Up Fun With A Photobooth In Your Event

  • March 17, 2017

Events are a necessity in life. Whether it is in your personal or professional life, you would need to organize one for work or for yourself. The successful holding of an event can make a certain occasion more fun and enjoyable. That is why there are so many ideas that are popping out for events to make it stand out. Giving out souvenirs can make a lasting memory to the attendees of the event.

Why Photobooths Rock?

One of the more popular souvenirs given away in events. These instantly printed, personalized photos of guests in the event are becoming one of the most popular souvenirs, and attractions in events. People get to choose the accessories they would wear and the props that they will use when their photos are taking, giving a fun twist to having your photos taken. With up to as many as four, or even more photos per print out, guests can have fun, preserving wonderful memories that they had in the event.

What Makes A Photobooth Service Provider Good?

There are many Singapore photobooth service providers out there. And if you won’t pay much attention to details of that a provider can offer, you may end up choosing the wrong photobooth provider. A good photobooth provider should have the best props. As these can spice up the photos and make the photo-taking session fun, an assortment of good and fun props should be present. The provider should also have the right equipment, so that taking and printing good quality photos are effortless. Finally, the personnel of the providers should be nice, accommodating, courteous, and professional, to ensure that the guests will have a good time while having their photos taken.

Picking The Right Partners

Hiring a photobooth service provider can be such a chore. However, when you do some serious research and negotiate well, you’d get the best services for the right price. Then you can start to enjoy having your photos taken to create lasting memories preserved through a photo. All of that when you choose the right photobooth service providers to cover your event.

Why Pick Us?

As a photobooth service provider, we pride ourselves as one of the best in the business today. More than conventional photobooth print outs, we also offer specialized props for your event. Plus our experience with the biggest clients gives us the advantage in providing you with a top-notch and affordable photobooth service. Make your events more memorable by hiring us to set up a photobooth in your event and let us preserve those memories for you.

The Importance of Pictures In Our Lives

  • February 25, 2017

We know that we would usually take pictures of people, sceneries, objects and event around us habitually. Long before the invention of camera phones and smart phones which became the majority trend that has made snapping pictures easier than ever, we would still have some of those times where we walk into a photo shop and ask to be photographed. We just feel the need to capture these moments in life. Things has been made easy for us nowadays. The pictures do not necessarily need to be washed and printed out and to put into albums manually if we wish to keep a copy of memories, because it is now digitalized and can be stored in hard drives, the cloud, or made into sites or online albums. Everything is cheaper and slowly becoming more and more affordable. But have we thought of why is there a need to capture a piece of our lives?

Photographs allow us to share and communicate with others on what matters to us most. We do not always take photos of everything, but we take photos of the people and the things that resonate with our emotions at that moment, which we feel that could reflect our thoughts and feelings when others see what we see and could experience partially what has touched us during that moment. Photographs also reminds us of what was important to us. We are taking snippets of our stories today that would be precious records of our history tomorrow. It triggers memories that are long gone faded and brings them back to life. It is one of the best ways of preserving our history, our life, and our journey.

That is why photo booths in Singapore, are becoming more and more popular nowadays. People need not to add any captions to record the name of events and what was going around that day. You just bring your friends along and capture the times that you guys were together and were having fun. Wedding photo booths in Singapore are also catching up on the trends, where guests of your wedding can make collective contributions towards your big day in life, through their livelihood captured within the few precious seconds which can, and will be eternal memories of life.


Photo-what? The photo booth you can’t wait to try out!

  • November 19, 2016

If you’ve ever been to a party or event, or even be part of an organising committee for one, you’d know the pressure that comes with entertainment planning. As guests will be the priorities of the event, it is important to prepare adequate activities and events-of-interest to keep them entertained. There is nothing worse than having your guests leave your event bored out of their wits with nothing memorable for them to bring back home with.
Nowadays, for an event to be a raging success in Singapore, it has to have certain things: good food, awesome setting, and a smashing place to take photos in. With the selfie craze taking over the world, guests are left perfectly capable of keeping themselves entertained as long as they have interesting props and a photogenic backdrop to take pictures in. More photos taken and shared at an event is almost akin to how successful an event nowadays. Though, however simple our smartphones has made the task of snapping and sharing photos, it is not the same as having an official photobooth set up especially for the event.

It’s Official

You’ve got the venue, the decorations, the music, and even the food menu perfect for your event. Now what could you possibly lack to take your event to the next level? An official event photo booth of course! Each big party in Singapore should have their own photo booth. Aside from allowing guests to entertain themselves, nothing beats having a photo booth that sports tailor-made backdrops and handcrafted props, prepared exclusively for your event! Guests can get creative with the props that are in conjunction with the theme of the event, which will give photos the extra oomph when shared on social media!

Photobooth Service

As a premium photo booth service provider in Singapore, you can expect nothing but the best equipment in the photo booth you booked with us. The DSLR camera provided in the booth comes equipped with professional studio lighting that is guaranteed to give your guest the setting they could not replicate outside the booth. Our photo booth comes with a customisable photo design that are sure to wow your guests and attendees!

Bring it home with you

An awesome event will leave their guests with something to remember the night with. And with our photo booth, guests can bring back quality printed photographs! The high speed printing of our photo booth is capable of producing a 4R photo in just eight seconds!

What else are you waiting for? Contact us today!

3 benefits of setting up a photo booth at your event

  • October 14, 2016

The initial purpose of setting up a photo booth is to allow guests or participants to have more choices on how they want their own photos taken. Instead of just letting their guests pose around the venue for glamorous photos, with a Cheese Effects photo booth set up at events in Singapore, guests can interact with the props, frames, and even backdrops. The only thing stopping them is the boundaries of their creativity. There are so much more that a photo booth can offer to events held in Singapore, and here are three main benefits on how it can lighten up an event.

Photo booth creates good branding for the event

With a proper photo booth set up in Singapore at one corner of the event, guests can take photos with whatever props that are prepared to suit the theme of the occasion. Through the photos taken and that were shared onto the social media platform, others could have an impression of how fun or how professional things were conducted at the event itself.  Apart from that, the booth setup could be customised to be as relevant as it could possibly be to the core message of the event, so the images shared around would very well promote and attract others’ attention to the happening corporate function.

It is one of the most customised door gifts ever

When you are scratching your head thinking of something to give your guests that could remind them of their good times at the event, the photo booth gives you the perfect solution to your problems. Not only their faces and smiles are recorded, it is something worthwhile keeping as the backdrops and props indicate the particular event that they have attended. These photo booths in Singapore that were set up could mostly provide for up to 2000 guests per event, which are perfect for corporate parties or weddings.

It comes with professional photography services

Talk about good use of space, colour contrast, lighting, and heights, our photo booths comes with professional photography. What does this means to those who have their photographs taken at the booth? It just simply means the photo quality is ensured! Apart from providing high resolution photos, guests can also request to have their own photos checked before printing from a large monitor live view. The best thing is, this photo booth prints photos instantly within 60 seconds. It’s a combination of services that will please the crowd.

Handled by professional in-house designers, craftsmen and photographers, our photo booths bring an extra dimension of fun at any events for families, friends and even colleagues in Singapore. Our up-to-date technologies enable clients to directly print desired photos through social media using hashtags. It is definitely an event highlight that no one wants to miss. Engage with us today!

Pre-filled Caption for Photobooth

  • September 29, 2016

Pre-filled Caption for Social Media Sharing

It has come to our attention that many corporate vendors are looking for pre-filled caption service in their photo booth package.

Cheese Effects team would like to advise that these pre-filled caption/ hashtag service is not approved by many popular social media platform.

By-passing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter policy for API involves many risks for your event. Users have high possibility of censored photos, blocked hashtag content or have their account closed.

Vendors and app developers who continued to ignore this policy, will been blacklisted and had their content removed.

‘It looks like your app, XXXXXXXX may be posting photos with pre-filled captions. If that’s the case, you’ll want to remove any default photo captions within the next few days in order to avoid restrictions.’

– Facebook Team


Facebook Platform Policy 2.3 Example and Explanation


Populate the user message parameter with content a user manually entered earlier in your app’s flow.
Your app’s composer can include a call-to-action that disappears when people start to write a post.

For example, Facebook’s composer uses grey scale text to ask “What’s on your mind?” that disappears when people start to write.


Pre-fill the user message parameter with any content the user didn’t enter themselves, even if they can edit or delete that content before sharing. This applies to posts, comments, photo captions, and photo album captions.

Add your own content to that which the user manually entered. This includes hashtags, hyperlinks or URLs.

Prompt users to click or tap a button to auto-populate the user message parameter. Your app can suggest content, but the person using your app should choose to manually copy and paste or type that content themselves.

Pre-fill using the iOS share sheet. For apps pre-filling using the iOS share sheet we recommend that you either remove all instances of pre-fill from your app and submit an update to Apple’s App Store or use Facebook’s share dialog for a more seamless experience.


Assurance and Quality

To ensure successful social media marketing, we urge marketing team to avoid unapproved methods from other vendors.

Client are welcomed to share marketing strategy with Cheese Effects. Our team of social platform specialist will provide the approved advise which best fit your event.

Photobooth Kiosk for Wedding

  • September 24, 2016

Photo booth service has come a long way from passport printing to a must entertainment at almost every wedding functions in Singapore.

Variations of the photo booth has also differ from different vendors.

One of the main recent introduction in the market is automatic kiosk machine ‘booth in a box’

p.s. We are looking at fully covered box-ed kiosk machine, not those kiosk with semi boxed camera with still requires tripod legs.

The Photobooth Kiosk completely hidden unsightly cables and printer away from the guests.

Leaving it a simple and neat looking appearance at the wedding reception.

Is this kind of kiosk hardware and functionality comparable with standard studio based photo booth?


Photo booth Kiosk suitable for wedding?

From our experience, it depends on the kiosk machine that the vendor provides.

Generally, kiosk “booth in a box” are not suitable or recommended for wedding event.

These type of kiosk typically lack of 3 things,


1.  Poor Lighting (really important for photography)

Insufficient lighting to cover the subject evenly or properly

You’ll definitely need studio flash equipment for professional photography

Kiosk lighting system is not designed for quality images


2. Lack of Efficiency (unable to maximize the photo booth)

Inbuilt printer requires self-print after photo taking which slows down the queue

Weddings are usually a crowd of 300 guests at one go

While photos are printed by us, so guests will only need to collect the photos after photo taking

We will print by the number of people (8s/ photo only)


3. Non-Professional Equipment Camera

DSLR Camera is often replaced by Webcam or Compact Camera

Small Screen for Display, such as using 12″ Ipad compared to our 27″ Monitor


We suggest wedding couples to opt for a standard studio based photo booth.

To avoid disappointment and ensure quality and quantity at the same time.

Groom and Bride should also request for photo samples of the set-up and prints.

Guest can also access Instagram to preview some of the actual day photos shared by guests.


So why these Kiosk still exist?

Customized Skin of the booth are available for branding purposes, such as marketing campaign or event road show.

It is cost efficient for long term, since it is unmanned (at lest 6 hours or more)

Above all, it mainly does benefit the vendor for easy transportation

Hence explains why these photo kiosk are usually placed in a shop store or brand awareness event.


The selection on the type of booth system depends on the wedding program and preference of the couple.